Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blog Revival

The last time I had written a post on this particular blog was a few years ago. I remembered a boy was in his hot pursuit of me. He lived in Toronto and I, in NYC. We had never met in person before, but we had been pen pals, emailing each other from beginning to end of summer. By then, he was in love with me and I was confused and wanted to get out.

Every blog post I have written he read slowly and with care. Every sentence I penned, he analyzed between the lines. It was almost as if my blog became a window into my life-- but it was only a glimmer. 

Eventually, I stopped all communication and our relationship ended. A few years later, he's married and we finally meet in Toronto. It was awkward as hell, but it was the closure that both of us needed.

Today, his wife is pregnant and he is about to become a dad.

And that's why, when today, I suddenly have this urge to write- I thought of this blog. As one of my more introspective blogs that I've started, why not revive it? There is no longer any reason to suppress the expression on this blog. 

It's time to open another window into my life. 

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