Saturday, September 4, 2010

9 Guilty Pleasures of Saturday

Saturday is by far my favorite day of the week. Lazy mornings and the feeling that I can bum around for the entire day since there is always a Sunday to make up for the procrastinations.

Guilty Pleasure &
These two websites are ones that I avoid at all cost during the weekdays, that is, because they are just too damn addicting. I can go on Omgpop for hours in order to gain more coins. And Neopets, well, that can go on forever as well, after all, who wouldn't want a virtual pet that you can feed and play games with?

Guilty Pleasure #2:
I don't get to watch too much TV during the weekdays but sometimes I feel like I had earned the right to watch them on Saturdays. Shows like White Collar, Master Chef, Lie to Me are some of current favorites. If and when Desperate Housewives come back on, I will for sure add that back on my list. If I can make a broad general statement about TV, I think mostly it's a waste of time, since when I watch TV nothing flows through my brain, but I think as an "individual" entertainment, it's quite worth the time and money, but I'd never consider TV as entertainment for two.

Guilty Pleasure #3: IHOP
For those of you reading this blog who don't know what IHOP is, it stands for International House of Pancakes, which is a restaurant chain serving predominantly breakfast food. In the U.S. it's common to eat brunch over the weekend--since the first meal of the day is often consumed so late in the day that it's no longer breakfast but not quite so lunch. I really miss those grad school days when I'd go there with my good friends.

Guilty Pleasure #4: Ice Cream & chocolate
I have a sweet tooth that I haven't been able to get rid of. Recently, I've been able to tone it down because the desire to be skinny and fashionable trumps the sweet tooth. But the point is who needs to diet on Saturday when you have Sunday and the rest of the week to do so?

Guilty Pleasure #5: Organizing & planning stuff
I like organizing things especially when it comes to school supplies. I enjoy planning ahead, writing in my planner and highlighting the appropriate places. Doing that just makes me feel like I'm so on track. Why is this a guilty pleasure? Well, I think I really enjoy the process of organizing and planning, but how much of the plans do I follow through? Not much. (I guess I would if I'd be less ambitious on a Saturday!)

Guilty Pleasure #6: Going Out
My definition of entertainment is that it needs to engage me intellectually, involves fine dining and entertaining in a way that I can blog about later. So, stuff like Broadway shows, ballet, new museum exhibitions, etc. are all things I'd consider to do on a Saturday. Of course, dining elegantly cannot be avoided. Since Saturday is a day to indulge, I usually treat myself to a wonderful dinner at some fancy restaurant.And if I'm too lazy to go out? Microwaved dinner sounds delicious. As long as I don't cook, I feel indulged.

Guilty Pleasure #7: Shopping
Saturday has always been the day that I don't feel so bad to splurge a little bit in the stores. Whether it's a beautiful but pricier dress or some shiny earrings, I guess I always tell myself, look you've worked hard for a week, you deserve a gift!

Guilty Pleasure #8: Pamper, but mostly bum around
Saturday is also the day that I feel like I can be a bum-- that is, it's OK to wear sweat pants and t-shirts around and make-up optional.

Guilty Pleasure #9: Taking a long walk. I really like walks, I think it's basically spending quality time with self, away from the computer, cell phone, Internet, people. It's great to just breathe in the fresh air, look at the blue sky and the road ahead and know that the world isn't going to end with one bad day.

I think it's good that there can be one day of the week when I can do anything that I want to do without feeling guilty or self-conscious. That's why I love Saturday so much!

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