Thursday, August 26, 2010

Asian Idols Eye Candy -- Commonality besides Shuai-ness

Like most girls, I have an internal "shuai" detector that picks up instantly any vibe of handsomeness emanating from the opposite gender. Not only does this detector picks up the signal, it subconsciously lures me in and attract myself to them like a deadly magnet. What exactly is "shuai"? Generally, shuai refers to look, nominally handsome looks, but what I am getting at here is-- what is the thing that makes one "shuai". I am certain that besides having symmetric face, dreamy eyes and a genuine smile, there are other factors that dictates why one guy is more "shuai" than the other.

From this blog, we see that 3 of the 10 criteria for attractiveness in men are related to outside appearance-- Strong & muscular, precious smile & look natural than artificial

To explore this question further, let's take a look at some of my favorite Asian idols of all times. Most of these artists are referred as "idols" in their respective countries. They have a large fan base, mainly due to their handsome looks than their musical or acting talents.

From the Taiwanese / Hong Kong-nese category:

Dylan Kuo / Guo Pin Chao, in The Outsiders I and II

Wu Zun, in Romantic Princess

Vic Zhou, in Meteor Garden I & II
I like these actors / singers / idols for one main reason is that they are "shuai"--or handsome. In the drama series that they play, they are usually the protagonist or undergoes dramatic character development but who overcomes his obstacles and wins the girl's heart.

But as the time went on, I realized that Korean idols are even more "shuai":

Joo Ji Hoon, in Goong
Dennis Oh
 Unfortunately, I don't follow J-drama as closely, but this one definitely caught my eye:

  Tezuka Kunimitsu, from Prince of Tennis
Seriously?!?! A cartoon character?! How can my shuai-detector pick it up in something not real? Well it did. Not only did my detector picked up the "shuai"-ness, it also made me wildly attracted to him. But why? How?


I just came back from traveling in China and there I picked up some clues to this mystery. In Shanghai, one of my favorite past times is to go shopping. As I wandered through these malls, I find my shuai-detector buzzing. It was a surprise to me because it is no secret that Chinese guys, as a race, are not that physically attractive, at least compared with Korean and Japanese guys. In the mall, I came across a fashionable salon, where there was a line to get in (at first I thought it was a restaurant), and as I stood there (surprised that it was not a restaurant!), I picked up an incessant signal of "shuai"!

Soooooo, the factor that dictates "shuai", beyond basic looks, height, smile, is HAIR!!!

Think about it. What do all Asian idols have in common? They have amazing hair styles!

So, the conclusion of this post is-- all guys have a shot of emanating "shuai" signals, no matter what he looks like, as long as he has amazing hair, then he can be handsome.

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