Saturday, October 9, 2010

Delicious Shrimp Dishes

I am a huge fan of seafood, especially shrimp. So here, I'll list a few of favorite shrimp dishes:

Cocktail shrimp. The first time I had cocktail shrimp, it gave me a stomachache, but subsequent eating of this dish makes it a very simple and delicious snack.
Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Wrap: Asian-style lettuce wraps filled with a sweet and spicy mixture of shrimp, cabbage, carrots and red bell pepper. So delicious!

Stir fry shrimp. This is one of the first dish I learned how to make. When this dish is stir fryed in a wok, the taste is even more delicious!
I wouldn't consider myself an Indian food fan, unless we are talking about shrimp curry, then I'm all in.

Shrimp tempura role is one of my sushi favorites. The crunchy bite and the delicious combination of cucumbers and avocado can be super delicious!

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