Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Things I Want By (next) Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas! Each Christmas Eve, I often make a list of what I "want(ed)" for Christmas but mostly, it becomes a list of what I expect or want by next Christmas!

Anyway, let me unmask this year's 12 things I want by (next) Christmas!

1. Prada Boyfriend Shirtdress - I don't think I've ever owned a shirtdress before...ever... and this one actually brings out the figure rather than hides it. I think it looks quite chic. Also, I like it how there is a bow on that dress. The dress below is designed by Prada and can be found in Goodman Bergdorf for $775.00. Yikes!

2. Afternoon high tea @ the Plaza Hotel - I've been wanting to have afternoon tea there, because I love tea and I love to eat daintily prepared hors d'oeuvres. Apparently, getting a seat there is difficult since I would need to reserve a space ahead of time. Once you've been to the Palm Court in the Plaza Hotel, you'll realize that the trouble should be all worth it!

3. Grey Pink Stripes USB Warmer Mitten Glove - $14.99. Believe it or not, my office is always freezing. Working in a freezing room only has two consequences--- 1. I fall asleep because I'm dying of cold or 2. My fingers fall off because I cannot type. So, with these warmer, I simply plug them into the computer and warmth will reach my fingers. Creative, huh?

4. Swan Lake @ the New York City Ballet. My one and only Christmas tradition every year is watching and enjoying the Nutcracker Ballet, only that tradition is broken this year. Oh well, Nutcracker will still always be my favorite and the one show that I will always look forward to, but there are others. One show I've been eyeing for awhile now is Swan Lake. I saw this when I was young and I was mesmerized by it. There are shows in February--only 8 shows! 

5. I love berets. It's probably one of the few hats out there that looks fabulous on me. I also like it because it's so French (though when I was in Paris, few Parisians wore it). In any case, my collection of berets are still quiet limited, though I do have a wide range of colors. My favorite one is still the purple colored one, because it goes really well with my purple UGG boots when I wear the two together. Recently, I've seen some berets with bows in them and I have to admit that they look really cute. The one below is nice, though the bow is a little bit big. Perhaps, I just need time to get used to it.  ^_^

6. New York City Half Marathon - March 20, 2011. This is not a tangible thing, but it's something that I'd love to do and have on my "personal" resume. Plus it's motivation to train for something and see results almost immediately. Anyone else out there into running and training? Half marathon is only 13 miles... it doesn't sound so bad, does it?

7. Yep yep. My newest interests are mineral gemstones. I want to learn about each mineral and gem, know what it looks like, where it's found and everything that has to do with it. Call it a phase or obsession, I just know that a visit to the Astro Gallery of Gems is in order. I'm definitely excited!

8. Edmundo Castillo L.E.D. sandals --  $1,650 -- it's seldom that I get to mix chic with geek. This L.E.D. sandal looks chunky and probably walks chunkily, but I don't care, because it can light up! L.E.D. lighting is the next sparkle! It's always cool to see something geeky applied to something fashionable.
9. Flower bouquet every month - People know me as a flower lover. I especially love bouquets and flower arrangement. A bouquet a month will surely brighten my days!

10. Become a white wine connoisseur. I've always told people that I hate the taste of alcohol and in truth, alcohol tastes bad. Recently, however, I've discovered that I love the taste of white wine.When I went to Madison & Vine recently, I had a glass of Sancerre Domaine La Croix Saint Laurent (2009?) and I loved every drop of it. White wine drinkers are often looked down upon, it seems, at least by real wine connoisseurs, but it doesn't matter, because I would very much like to learn more about the beauty and taste of white wine. :P

11. Be conversant with a French native. Again, not a tangible wish item, but definitely tangible in many aspects. J'aime la langue française. Je voudrais bien parler français et être confiant dans mon discours. Another trip to Paris? I also want to visit south of France this time around.

Last, but not least....

12.  I hope that in each and everyday of my life, I can be big hearted, content in who I am and and happy every day. After all, everyone is endowed with 24 hours, you can either spend it worrying about something trivial or you can smile and brighten yours and someone else's day. Be happy!

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