Monday, December 27, 2010

Yes. We Hate Snow When It's Not Christmas.

I wished for a white Christmas and does that happen, no, of course not. Christmas Day was cloudy and gloomy. It wasn't until the next morning did the snow start to fall. What good will that do? The mid-day train back to NYC was crowded as everyone realized that it's get back to the city now or get snowed in forever. The blizzard came down down hard but I managed to get back to my apartment in one piece. Meh. Snow is only good if it's Christmas.

The next morning--today--Monday. Snow = BAD. And what do we get? A LOT of BADness. This is what it looked like for the most part:
So, there I am trying to figure out how to get to work-- no bus apparently since that is stuck on the street---
Oh! Walking... 

So I trudge along, bracing the cold, but trying to enjoy the view...
of Park Avenue...

Just as I turned around, sliiippppp, SMACK! Down I go. Ouch!

To make it worse, a dude, obviously on his commute as well, passes. Instead of helping me, he looked at me and laughed. Pshhh. Fiinnne. Glad I can provide someone with comic relief on this dismal Monday morning. 

People really need to shovel their sidewalks, because by the time I got to work, I was wet and freezing!
Either that, or I need to invest in a nice pair of boots.

I read in the NY Daily News today that we got 18-20 inches of snow. And that a subway carrying passengers was apparently stuck in its path for 6 hours. I am grateful that I'm not there with them, but still, Mr. Snow-- do you have to fall on the days AFTER Christmas and make everyone's life difficult??? Was it so hard to figure out that we really just welcome you on Christmas? Gosh, even Atlanta had snow on Christmas! What's up with that? Geez!

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