Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beautiful Tiered-tulled Dresses

Have you seen the the recent BCBG Maxazaria catalog detailing the feminine, tiered tulled dresses? Yep, ever since flipping through that, I just found myself engrossed in that sense of style-- the "feminine shapes, soft hues and luxurious embellishments". I wear a lot of BCBG clothes, mostly because their style and cut are very suitable for my taste and preferences.

Oh guess what? Today, I learned from Urban Dictionary, that BCBG means "Bon Chic Bon Genre", which is a French term meaning good taste or style, referring to clothing.  So does that make me a BCBG girl? :D
Tied-tulled dress from BCBG

More beautiful tiered-tulled dresses:
I wouldn't want my wedding dress to look like, but I do love this dress, because it's very feminine looking and really beautiful.  From Bonny Wedding Dress-- it's a Tulle V Shape Straps with tiered ruffle sequined.

I'm not sure how I feel about the half apron on top of the tulled layers, but I like how the model wore it at least. I love the bow at the waist and the exquisite color of the dress.

This dress is from ASOS--it's LUXE Prom Tulle Dress goes for only 75 pounds... good deal!

This is a little bit too pink and too over-the-edge for me to wear on a regular basis, but I like it how it's bold and really catches everyone's attention. 

And this one... is a really sexy way of turning something feminine and soft into sexy and independent!

And now, a few impractical but still beautiful tiered tulled dresses  from the runway:

Yea, I just think tied-tulled dresses can be so beautiful (maybe that's why I like ballet so much), but it's also important not to overdo the puffs and ruffles...otherwise, we'll get this. 

The model is beautiful, but the dress reminds me of a fat chicken.

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