Monday, December 20, 2010

Godiva Chocolatier

I love sweets a lot and I consume a lot of chocolate on a monthly basis. Surprisingly, however, I have never had a piece of Godiva chocolate until today! Isn't that amazing?

I went into a Godiva store today to buy a gift. The lady at the check out counter asked me if I wanted to join the Godiva rewards club and I said, "what rewards?" Turns out, we get a piece of chocolate every month. That's a pretty sweet deal I think. Since it really keeps me looking forward to the next month of chocolate, but it also limits my sugar intake.

Here, I have a French Vanilla truffle... mmm it really taste delicious. First bite, I only managed to gnaw off the outer layer of chocolate, which was dark chocolate (one of my favorites). The inner filling is smooth and melted immediately on my tongue. The combination of French vanilla filling and the outer dark chocolate layer is intense, to say the least. It's definitely very rich in flavor. Though the truffle is small in size, I feel satisfied and happy. Perhaps, Godiva truffles are really worth their price! Mmm, amazing indeed. :)

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