Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie review: Defending one's honor and family

This is my second time watching this film but it definitely doesn't get old. This film has got to be my favorite martial arts themed film. Not only are the characters relate-able, but the story line riveting. This is the film about what it means to defend one's country, honor one's beliefs and respect one's wife. In this film, Master Ip Man is a modest martial artist who practice Wing Chun. Though he is the best in his hometown, Fo Shan, he is very down-to-earth and prefer the every-day living with his beloved wife and son.

3 Things I Love About the Movie

1. The respect and love that Master Ip Man has for his wife. At one point, he is taunted as a wuss, basically because he is "scared" of his wife. Instead of feeling insulted, Master Ip Man says that a true man is someone who respects his wife. When she was sick, he made porridge for her and fed her.

2. The modesty Master Ip Man showed throughout the movie. It made me think about how people are always finding ways to advance themselves in the world. Yet, those who are really good or those who really made it are those who are humble and down to earth.

3. The strength and femininity of Mrs Ip Man. I love it that she was elegant and classy. When she felt the need to speak up for her husband, she did. I love the part when she said, "As long as you, me and Quan (the son) are together, everything is going to be alright." Despite the war and the derelict living situation, Mrs. Ip Man was always gentle and had a smile on her face. "I am happy now."

In this movie, the antagonists are the Japanese, who invaded China in 1937 and caused havoc for the villagers. One particular actor in the movie, a Hiroyuki Ikeuchi-- the general who insisted on fighting Ip Man in the final duel and ended up losing-- well, was a not-so-evil but evil-by-default character. And I have to admit, he is very cute.

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